Friends of Vienna State Opera Recommend Shen Yun

Shen Yun Performing Arts received a heartfelt welcome at the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna on Sunday. Vienna is known for its heritage of high-class cultural performances. The secretary general of the Friends of Vienna State Opera was enthusiastic about the show.

[Dr. Thomas Dänemark, Secretary General, Friends of Vienna State Opera]:
“Well I have to say, as I‘m used to Opera and also to ballet - classical ballet - I was very, very, very enthusiastic about the performance today.”

He hopes his friends can see Shen Yun in the future.

[Dr. Thomas Dänemark, Friends of Vienna State Opera]:
“I say go and see it, if you still have time of course, this week. If they come back next year again, what I hope very strongly, it will be more known and I really want to recommend it warmly to everybody.”

The Vienna audience is known for being demanding and critical.

[Oliver H. Stadlbauer, Editor, nurKULTUR Cultural Magazine]:
“For sure, the audience in Vienna - as I have observed, heard and seen - puts an especially high standard on quality and the performance, and capability of expression of the singers and musicians. And the resonance was absolutely amazing - so much that one really can speak of a high level performance.”

Shen Yun has its own unique live orchestra, which combines both Western and Eastern music traditions.

[Oliver H. Stadlbauer, Editor, nurKULTUR Cultural Magazine]:
“A fantastic combination regarding the music, the singers, the soloists… a really great cultural evening.”

Shen Yun will perform in Vienna through May 4th.

NTD News, Vienna, Austria.