Shen Yun Performing Arts Returns to New York

After more than two months touring Europe, Shen Yun Performing Arts arrived back in New York on Tuesday.

The company toured 12 countries in Europe, putting on shows in 17 different cities.

[Leeshai Lemish, Shen Yun Master of Ceremonies]:

“This year is the third year touring Europe for some of us, so a lot of cities and theaters are already familiar with us. They are already used to us. In the London Coliseum it was the same. That theater is beautiful, very high level. The audience in attendance was also very high society people. From our contact with them at a reception [after the show], they greatly benefited [from the performance], you could say they understood the performance.”

Audiences applauded the performers who bustled from city to city, sometimes leaving late at night for the next stop on their tour.

[Rutang Chen, Shen Yun Orchestra Conductor]:

“Clapping until their palms hurt... they all applauded warmly. We were really touched.”

[Yungchia Chen, Choreographer and Principal Dancer]:

“They felt they had entirely broken through European audiences’ habitual appreciation of performances. Normally they only clap at the very end of a performance. During our performances, like the little monks one, they applauded in the middle eight times.”

Although Shen Yun has come to the end of its European tour, audiences in New York City will be treated to a special line-up of Shen Yun performances at Lincoln Center next month.

NTD News, New York.