Scaling the Chinese Communist Party’s Firewall

China has the world’s biggest online population, and its internet is also one of the most restricted. The ruling Chinese Communist Party has gone to great-lengths to censor information. In response, more Chinese people are looking for alternatives. Many are scaling the Great Firewall, so to speak, using anti-censorship software to get information that is blocked by the regime.

[Chinese Netizen]:
“There’s no reliable information here, it’s just forced brainwashing. If I scale the wall, I can watch both CCTV reports, and reports of the Epoch Times. This way I know what’s really happening in China. If I don’t scale the wall, there are only CCTV reports, and I can’t see what’s happening.”

The Chinese regime’s infamous online censorship machine has been in place since 2001. Soon after, a group of overseas Chinese collaborated and eventually formed the Global Internet Freedom Consortium — a non-profit dedicated to creating anti-censorship software. Many of the volunteers are practitioners of Falun Gong, a spiritual practice the Chinese Communist Party has been slandering and persecuting since 1999.

Software like Freegate created by the Consortium has become invaluable for Chinese netizens.

[Chinese Netizen]:
“I’ve been educated under the Communist Party for so many years, and always thought it was right. After finding anti-censorship, however, I now know it has committed many wrong doings, and justice would catch up to it. This has changed me, and will many others too.”

Since unrests in the Middle East broke out, the Chinese regime has stepped up its control of the web. Words like “Jasmine” and even “Hilary Clinton” have been blacklisted on some websites. Clinton recently called on the Communist regime and other dictatorships around the world to allow greater internet freedom.