Sixth Annual Flower Exhibition Delights Visitors in Kyiv

Here, at this annual flower business convention in Kyiv, you can find the most outlandish flowers.

One of the top sellers is the orchid - found in many different colors.

This special novelty orchid blooms to 13 inches, despite its thin stalk.

[Marko Hendriks, Exhibitor]:

"We also have seen it on Turkish president’s table and in more special places. We also have delivered it to the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco."

But causing perhaps more amazement is the popular blue orchid.

Blue orchids are grown in limited quantities and the technology used remains a top secret.

[Jon Smits, Exhibitor]:

"The process of coloring the flowers is not a very easy process. You cannot have 100% of your production which comes out in a nice colored way."

And these long-life flowers are colored in a different way, using food dyes.

According to French technology these roses are first dehydrated and then filled with a mixture of glycerin and pigment to color the petals.

The cut flowers can last for up to five years.

[Anna Kashina, Exhibitor]:

"You can touch every flower and leaf, they feel alive and real. They can make beautiful bouquets and interior decorations.”

There are also roses to suit all tastes.

The flower importers say the roses with large buds - grown mostly in South Africa - are particularly popular.

However, the queen of flowers can also be found in the country of tulips - Holland.

[Jan Verheij, Exhibitor]:

"This variety is also new from Ecuador, but also grown and bred in Holland. So you can see the double leaves and that’s a specialty. Was never grown before in Holland."

Large numbers of chrysanthemums, tulips and daffodils are exhibited.


"Extraordinarily beautiful flowers, very beautiful composition. All done with a great, great taste.”


"Every year I wait for this exhibition in the spring, it inspires me very much because flowers are a joy of life."

This is the 6th exhibition for flower businesses, nurseries, landscape design and florists in Kyiv.

160 companies from 15 countries are presenting their products this year.

NTD News, Kyiv, Ukraine