“Man of the Year” Awards Presented in Ukraine

In the Ukraine a solemn presentation of the prize for "Man of the Year."

This time the awards celebrated a crystal anniversary.

Over the past fifteen years, it has become one of the most prestigious awards in the Ukraine.

[Arkady Raytsin, CEO, "Man of the Year" Award]:

"Somehow, sitting at my desk, I began to wonder what beautiful awards there are in the world: Oscar, Grammy, Taffy - in Russia. And I thought that the country is already 4 years old - it was in 1995 - probably there is already a generation of people who deserve to be distinguished with a reward from society."

[Maxim Dunaevskiy, Composer]:

"The main thing is to know him and his work, his work should not be just popular. There are a lot of popular people in the world. It should be relevant, and affect our lives."

Each year the number of nominations increases. This time 18 people were awarded an honorary title.

[Vladimir Lyutikov, Entrepreneur of the Year]:

"I feel that we have reached a certain milestone and we should move on. For us, every victory - it's a holiday today and tomorrow we need to aspire to other celebrations and victories."

[Anna Varavva, NTD Correspondent]:

"There is almost no space left at this stand. It's full of signatures of famous politicians, journalists and artists. Over 15 years of awards, many have been awarded the title 'Man of the Year.'"

Soloists from the Ukrainian National Opera - Christine Shishpor and Victor Ischuk - were previously awarded "Man of the Year." They say the reward has not only caused them pride, but also glory.

Each time new names are added to the "Man of the Year" award. For some the reward is a long-awaited recognition, for others – a step on the way to new achievements.

NTD News, Kiev, Ukraine