Elizabeth Taylor Dies Aged 79

Dame Elizabeth Taylor has died, surrounded by family at the age of 79 at Cadars-Sinai Medical Centre according to her publicist, the  Hollywood icon was being treated for symptoms of congestive heart failure.   

Elizabeth Taylor started acting at the age of 8 and was in lead roles by the time she was 12. Taylor quickly became well known in Hollywood for her acting and as one of the world’s most beautiful women. Taylor was also well known for the many marriages and love affairs she had over her lifetime, from co-starts to politicians and  one rehab friend, the actress was married to seven different people, with one staying out. Elizabeth meet Richard Burton a Welsh actor while filming Cleopatra, which at that time was the most expensive film ever made. The couple were one of history’s hottest romances, being twice married and twice divorced, first 1964 till 1974 and then again in 1975 till 1976.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor was born in England but moved with her family to Los Angeles before the second world war. Elizabeth was given the title Dame after her charity work with HIV.