Personal Letters from Legendary Hollywood Stars up for Sale

Letters and contracts from Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are among the biggest celebrity items currently held by a Hollywood auction house. The collection features rare manuscripts, personal letters, contracts and photographs signed by the most distinguished celebrities in Hollywood, and will go up for auction in mid-April.

According to Catherine Williamson, director of fine books and manuscripts at Bonhams and Butterfields, the collection features more than 600 documents that offer a rare glimpse into the personal lives of many admired celebrities.

[Catherine Williamson, Director at Bonhams And Butterfields]:
"It gives such a comprehensive picture of individuals from the movie industry. It gives such a comprehensive picture of what every major person who worked in this business is like, because that's what letters do. They give you insight into the mind, the thoughts and the mind of the actor, the writer, the director. Not just what you see on the screen or in the interview, but what they're thinking of and what they're writing down."

Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe items are expected to bring in the highest bids. Among these items are letters written and signed before the women had their big break.

[Catherine Williamson, Director at Bonhams and Butterfields]:
"We have a nice collection of Elizabeth Taylor material. It includes some early documents, contracts that she signed before she was 18 years old, so her mother has to sign those documents with her. We have some correspondence with some of her directors and producers in which she's discussing her family or describing upcoming projects. And then, we have some examples of photographs that she signed from very early examples of her as a teenager through to her adult years."

The auction collection also features a variety of film contracts, signed by celebrities such as Greta Garbo, and correspondence between the stars and their directors.

The auction house in Los Angeles will be open to the public for preview beginning on April 15th, with the sale taking place on April 20th. Although the auction is taking place in California, collectors may also place bids from the New York gallery.