Spain: Group Exercises in Arc de Triomf Park (Photos)

Group exercise in Arc de Triomf Park, Barcelona
(Clearwisdom.net) On April 3, 2011, Falun Gong practitioners from Spain held a group exercise event in Arc de Triomf Park, Barcelona, a popular tourist spot, to introduce Falun Gong to the public.

Practitioners started the exercises at 10 a.m. Many tourists were attracted to the scene. One lady became excited when she received a Falun Gong flyer from practitioners. She said that her whole body shook when she first saw the exercises. She felt that she had an indescribable predestined relationship with Falun Gong. She asked practitioners for detailed contact information and said that she would learn the exercises in the near future.
Sending forth righteous thoughts
Tourists are attracted to the peaceful exercises
Many people took pictures of the peaceful scene. Some of them were attracted to the music and asked to learn the exercises.
When people learned about the brutal persecution of Falun Gong in China, they were shocked. They signed the petition, expressing their support to Falun Gong and condemning the Chinese Communist Party for its actions.
Posting date: 4/9/2011
Category: Community Events
Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2011/4/8/在巴塞罗那凯旋门公园集体炼功洪法(图)-238777.html