“A Unique Experience” – Shen Yun at London Coliseum

Tonight Shen Yun performs its third show at the London Coliseum, the home of the English National Opera.

For many in the audience, the performance was something different and unique.

[Bob Leaf, Public Relations]:
“There’s nothing really like this down Saddler Wells or any other ballet. This is a unique experience which makes it very worthwhile and you can see the enjoyment of the people doing it. So it means something to them, which in turn makes it mean something to the audience.”

[Gillian Baker Cresswell, Interior Designer]:
“….the lines are so different and yet they still have formation like accord ballet but all the lines are totally different and of course the music and the emphasis on the music is very different. All the emphasis on the music is very different. The rhythms are different so there is such a lot to take in at once.”

[Bob Leaf, Public Relations]:
“And definitely worth seeing, there’s no question about it, there’s a beauty, there’s a caring and you can see there’s a belief in what the people are doing.”

For former ballerina Judy Wiles, the show has deeper meanings.

[Judy Wiles, Former Ballerina]:
“There was a lot more in that show than most people would see I think.(Can you elaborate?) Yes, I can. Becuase there was more meaning in it...about relationships...about political situations...everything.”

Shen Yun plays at London Coliseum till Sunday April 10th.

Marian Chen, NTD News, London