"Unbelievable!" Shen Yun in Brussels

Shen Yun continues to dazzle audiences during the Belgium leg of its European tour. And for some, it was not the first time they had seen the show.

[Annemie Wyseure, Audience member]:
“We saw it last year in Bruges. It was wonderful. And when we heard about the show here, then we decided to come again.”

Mr. De Leersnijder was impressed by the discipline of the dancers.

[Patrick De Leersnijder , Sponsoring Manager for a Belgian Bank]:
“Because they are so equally performing, unbelievable. We cannot do it in Belgium the same way you know. Because we do not have the same discipline, so it’s really amazing.”

Richard Freedman is a Civil Servant at the European Parliament in Brussels. He says he felt as if Shen Yun had taken him to another world.

[Richard Freedman, Civil Servant at the European Parliament]:
“I love the show. The show was amazing. It really transported me away from Brussels and I could be anywhere outside Brussels. I mean the music, the costumes, the dance, you feel like you’re in another place. High on the clouds or far away from the daily life. It’s a really extraordinary show.”

For Mr. Freedman, the performance gave him a sense of what Chinese culture is all about.

[Richard Freedman, Civil Servant at the European Parliament]:
“Chinese culture is I would say it’s perhaps unknown, mysterious, ancient, disciplined, powerful, very united in a way but at the same time beautiful, elegant, artistic. Those are the adjectives I would use to describe it.” …“I would thoroughly recommend that everybody takes the opportunity if they can to see the show. It’s traveling around many, many cities. For me it’s a mixture of discipline, art and transportation away from your daily life to a culture of 5000 years.”

Shen Yun will perform in Brussels until next Sunday.

NTD News, Brussels, Belgium