World Renowned Bubble Artist to Perform in China

Fan Yang, a renowned American bubble artist, landed in Shanghai on Monday to prepare for his upcoming show in July. The giant show will show off Yang’s extraordinary bubble feats, including his Guinness World Record bubble which covered 150 people.

Yang prepared his own bubble formula.

[Fan Yang, Renowned Bubble Artist]:
“This is a very special bubble formula. I prepare the formula in my lab in Canada. So I bring the concentrate and I mix it with water here. I use all non-toxic elements and ingredients. There are seven different kinds of ingredients.”

The first show is set to take place in the Shanghai Oriental Art Center, where Yang will perform a fascinating display of different bubble-blowing techniques. The bubbles range in color, shape, and size, as well as special effects.

Yang has performed around the world and is the setter and holder of seventeen Guinness world records.