Organ Harvesting Exposed, Part 1

KEAN WONG: Hi and welcome to a special edition of Zooming In. I'm Kean Wong. This week we delve into one of the darkest places in China, the Sujiatun Concentration Camp. The first of an estimated 36 concentration camps in existence, these places are where organs are allegedly harvested and sold for profit. But the allegations go further - the organs are taken out by force, often while the victims are still alive and conscious.

NARRATOR: This is Sujiatun in Shengyang City, Liaoning Province. This remote, ordinary city has a gruesome secret that has been exposed to the world outside of China. An insider from the Chinese Communist regime has revealed a concentration camp here, where at least 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners are detained. Their organs are forcefully harvested on demand for huge profits, and some the surgery happens while the Falun Gong practitioners are still alive. Then their bodies are thrown into a cremation furnace located at the camp. Both the living and the dead have been thrown in there. Soon after this shocking discovery was made public, another witness leaked more information about this death camp. More witnesses will step forward, and more evidence will be discovered in the near future. Now, let's review the facts about the Sujiatun concentration camp.

NARRATOR: On March 9, 2006, an insider from China identified as Mr. R, leaked the existence of the camp to a
reporter from The Epoch Times.

REPORTER: What's your estimate of how many Falun Gong practitioners are imprisoned in this death camp?

MR. R: I don't have the specific number because the number changes constantly. The actual statistics are kept in internal records, but the statistics I obtained at the time was about 6,000.

REPORTER: When did you obtain the information?

MR. R: About two years ago.

REPORTER: So this was in 2004?

MR. R: Yes. Around that time.

NARRATOR: Mr. R used to be part of a Japanese television news team, responsible for news about China. He also worked for a news company established by the Chinese Embassy in Japan. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) arrested him for reporting the suicide of a Japanese diplomat from the Japanese Consulate in Shanghai, and the CCP's massacre in Shanwei. He later fled from China to the United States. To protect his identify and personal safety, he asked us not to disclose his real name.

REPORTER: In order words, these Falun Gong practitioners imprisoned in the concentration camp might have been subjected to brainwashing, beating, torture and imprisonment until they were on the brink of death. Then they will be killed after their organs are harvested for profit. Is this the operation of the death camp?

MR. R: I think so, but I don't know under what condition they were sent to the operating table for organ harvesting. They might not even have known before they were sent to the table where their organs were removed. But I think that's the typical operation of the concentration camp.

REPORTER: Is it possible that the practitioners will get out of the death camp alive?

MR. R: I can only pray that they will get out of there alive and reunite with their families, safe and alive.

REPORTER: How did you find out about the Sujiatun Concentration Camp?

MR. R: I didn't find out about it by luck. You have to understand one thing: I am a journalist. As a journalist, I am very proficient in searching for information. As a journalist, you must know that today's journalists in China do not look for news in any formal investigation or research. Instead, we discover news at dinners in restaurants, at Mahjong tables, in sauna bathrooms, etc. It's during chitchat that we