Organ Harvesting Exposed, Part 2

Zooming In - Organ Harvesting, Part 2

Kean Wong: It has been four weeks since the Sujiatun Extermination Camp was exposed to the world. A series of rather disturbing developments have surfaced during this time. First, two informants have stepped forward and revealed that the Sujiatun Extermination Camp has been harvesting internal organs from living Falun Gong practitioners and then disposing of their bodies in a crematorium. After the camp was revealed to the world, Beijing remained silent for three whole weeks. Afterwards, a spokesman from China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry denied the report in an unprecedented press conference. The denial sparked a series of responses. Two days later, The Epoch Times received a letter from a veteran military doctor from Shengyang City where the camp was located. He confirmed the existence of the underground Sujiatun Extermination Camp. Moreover, he revealed there are in fact dozens of such camps all over China. Meanwhile, the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) published its second investigative report, which includes the tran scri pts of all the telephone dialogues between its investigators and medical doctors in China. The tran scri pts confirmed that Sujiatun is not the only place that harvests living Falun Gong practitioners’ internal organs.

Narrator: After the second informant stepped forward with more details about Sujiatun, people spent three weeks in shock, anxiety and all kinds of surmises. During those three weeks, Beijing remained unusually silent until March 28 when a spokesman at its Foreign Affairs Ministry denied all the reports of concentration camps in a first time ever press conference.

Wang Zhiyuan, M.D., Spokesman for WOIPFG:

It is impossible for Beijing to make any response immediately after Sujiatun camp was exposed because they needed some time to clean it up and cover it up. In three weeks time, I believe Beijing has done a series of damage control before it responded publicly to the reports.

Narrator: Two days after the press conference in Beijing, a veteran military doctor in Shengyang City, which is the same city where the Sujiatun camp was located, wrote a letter to The Epoch Times. Perhaps this was in response to the ministry’s denial. He confirmed the existence of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp. He added that there are dozens of such camps all over China.

An excerpt from the veteran military doctor’s testimony:

The so-called hospitals in Sujiatun are b