HK Animation about Tiananmen Becomes Internet Hit

An animation depicting the Tiananmen Square Massacre has become an online hit in Hong Kong. It comes before the 22nd anniversary of the event, which is known as the June 4th incident in Chinese.

Hong Kong cartoonist Ronnie Chau says he made the clip to remind people of what the students at the time were fighting for, rather than just the massacre itself.

[Ronnie Chau, Animator]:
"Our generation - the post-80s and 90s - is beginning to forget June 4th. We are no longer clear what it is about. I want to use this clip to show to others what I want to discover myself."

Although Chau works from a tiny flat, at least he is able to artistically express himself freely.

[Ronnie Chau, Animator]:
“Under such severe suppression of freedom of speech in China, being an artist has become very dangerous. But you cannot act against your conscience. If you don't like the Chinese government, you should not be forced to celebrate it.”

Hong Kong and the Internet have become a refuge for the suppressed Chinese art community.