Tour De France Winner Returns Home to Australia

Cadel Evans has returned to his hometown of Melbourne, Australia to a hero's welcome.

Last month he became the first Australian ever to win the Tour de France, cycling's biggest and most gruelling event.

To the rousing cheers from thousands of his fans, he rode down Melbourne streets in a ticker tape parade.

It was the slowest ride of his career, as he stopped to shake hands with many. He was then welcomed at a public reception held in his honor.

Cadel hopes his win will inspire many, especially the youth of today.

[Cadel Evans, Cycling Champion]:

"I consider myself lucky to find my talent, everyone has a talent and I consider myself lucky that I found mine."

[Emily Francis, Primary School Student]:

"I think he's an amazing man, who's done an amazing thing, something for all of us to look up to."

With the crowds decked out in green and gold and chanting "Cadel Cadel", the Victorian Premier who was also there to congratulate him, said he had never been such a large crowd in Federation Square before.

The life of a professional athlete can be tough on families, and Cadel was certainly looking forward to a hug from his mum, she was in the crowd to greet him.

[Cadel Evans, Cycling Champion]:

"Hi Mum, I already got my hug, and I might get another one before I go."

Cadel rode nearly 3 and a half thousand kilometres in three weeks to win the Tour de France, and he'll go down in Australian history as a sporting legend.

Angela Anderson, NTD, Melbourne, Australia.