Japanese Museum Dedicated to Manga Cartoonist

Beloved manga character Doraemon gets a museum in his honor.

Fujiko F. Fujio, creator of the earless robotic cat and sidekick schoolboy, Nobita, died in 1996.

But his widow Masako Fujimoto says Doraemon transcends culture and language, making him popular with children worldwide.

[Masako Fujimoto, Wife of Fujiko F. Fujio]:
"I personally believe that because children from all over the world read and enjoy Doraemon it's a testament to the fact that children are children no matter where they are."

Doraemon's adventures were first published in 1969 and the cartoon series has been translated into over 30 languages and still enjoys popularity in many countries.

The museum, which also features other works by Fujio, opens on September 3rd.