Yoga Super Gran Full of Amazing Vitality at 84

With her movie star looks and soft demeanor, this glamorous Gran will take you by surprise.

Bette Calman has been teaching yoga for the last fifty years, and shows no signs of slowing down.

At 84 years of age, her moves on the floor may leave most of us feeling just a bit out of shape.

[Bette Calman, Super Gran]:

"Doesn't matter if your feeling tired, just lay down, do a little bit of yoga and you feel good."

Bette first started practicing yoga when she was working in the hotel industry, as she found that doing headstands after long days helped ease her aching legs.

[Bette Calman, Super Gran]:

"I started more or less on my own until I found a Master, Michael Volin and he started me on the path."

There were no books about yoga when she started, so she learnt by word of mouth from Michael Volin, a renowned yoga teacher in the fifties. She still teaches the same way today.

Her favourite postures are the shoulder and headstands, both of which she can still do with ease.

Television and print embraced her in the fifties and she became a regular feature, with her rubber band like postures and never a hair out of place.

She is still teaching classes locally at her daughter's yoga school in a trendy bayside suburb in Melbourne.

[Evlleen Darcey, Yoga Student]:

"Yes her classes have helped me greatly. There so dynamic. You go in there feeling tense and you come out floating. So, I mean they're just wonderful, she's really a great teacher."

Bette has been vegetarian for many years, and finds her diet in combination with the yoga has kept her disease free and healthy all her life.

[Bette Calman, Super Gran]:

"I haven't been to a doctor, I go to a eye doctor, but not the other doctor for 50 years. I don't get colds, I don't get headaches so I suppose I'm healthy."

So with a lifestyle of little of sleep, hours of daily exercise, small amounts of plain food and loads of energy, this amazing super gran may leave most of us wondering about our own choices.

Well, after a day spent with yoga extraordinary Bette I think I need to put my feet up and relax.

Angela Anderson,

NTD News, Melbourne, Australia