Shen Yun Final Show in Lausanne "Inspiring"

Shen Yun Performing Arts gave its final show of the Swiss leg of its European tour on Sunday in Lausanne.

Fabrice Joly, an award-winning artist, shared his impressions of the performance.

[Fabrice Joly, Graphic Artist]:
“The plum flower dance with the fans… I thought that it was gorgeous, all the things they were able to do with that, it was very creative. And I also really liked the humor of the show, there were many amusing aspects, like the dance with the young monks, it was hilarious.”

Eloise Bernier, also an artist, said that Shen Yun could be a source of inspiration for her work.

[Eloise Bernier, Graphic Artist]:
“The colorful aspect, the composition of the dances and so on - they relate small stories. Just like a person telling a tale… an extremely colorful tale with music added. So, this can really be inspiring in creating oriental motifs.”

Ms. Bernier added that she found the show poetic and absorbing.

[Eloise Bernier, Graphic Artist]:
“It was interesting and poetic, very light and easy to watch. You don’t get the impression that you’re watching a two-hour show. Actually, it's really easy to look at, and pleasant. We let ourselves be carried away by the story and the music.”

NTD News, Lausanne, Switzerland