New i-Pad2 open for sale today at 5pm

The new iPad2 was open for sale today at 5pm. New York City’s largest Apple store on Fifth Avenue was buzzing with madness. Thousands of eager buyers lined up for hours just to take the newest gadget home.

The first buyer, Alex, waited for more than 24 hours.

[Alex, First Buyer]:
" I feel a little bit tired because 20 hours, it's more than one day."

Some also stood outside in the rain.

[Second Buyer]:
" I mean my umbrella, myself and my bag, my duffle bag."

Many others also shared their excitement as they walked away with their new iPads.

[Julie Pope, Buyer]:
"I love it. I am really excited about the face time feature, because I have family that lives far away."

The new iPad 2 features a dual-core A5 chip that enables clearer graphics, the same 10 hours of battery life, front and back cameras, and "face time”.

Many Apple fans like the white appearance better.

[Alex, First Buyer]:
"Sure white, because everybody is waiting for a white one."

And they also have ten other colored covers to choose from.

Alina Wang, NTD News, New York