Inspiring, Amazing, Beautiful, Shen Yun in Brussels

Zeina Barek is a former ballet dancer who came to see Shen Yun Performing Arts in Brussels, Belgium on Saturday, along with her partner Dani De Leest. She found the show very inspiring.

[Zeina Barek , Former Ballet Dancer]:

“Oh my God, I was, I am still inspired. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful. Such a performance, because classic contemporary is already very difficult. But here Chinese classical dance is such a beautiful and great performance. I mean I’ve been inspired and it’s an honor for me to see that and at times I felt like I wanted to go on stage with them and I wanted to learn the steps and .. because it’s so beautiful.”

[Dani De Leest, Audience Member]:

“It’s a gift for us. It’s the first time we see this kind of performance. It was so beautiful, perfectly technically. And physically it’s very light, very fresh. We love it, we love it…”

Nico Spiegel and Elissavet Kapnopoulou both work for the European Union in Brussels.

Mr Spiegel said he felt a message for all mankind in the show.

[Nico Spiegel, EU-Official]:

“I think a message of hope, also of communication with mankind. It starts also in a very broad way. It shows you China, Chinese culture, but it goes beyond China, one feels directly implied more or less in what is happening.”

He said the show made him eager to learn more about the divine aspect of Chinese culture.

[Nico Spiegel, EU-Official]:

“Yes, I found that quite surprising. I wasn't aware of that aspect of Chinese culture. And I mean, this was also something as I said which give me kind of universal opening to humankind. This is a really interesting aspect, I would like to learn more about.”

After Brussels, Shen Yun will continue its European tour with seven shows at the London Coliseum.

NTD News, Brussels, Belgium