Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Banquet Preparations

The kitchens at Buckingham Palace are a hive of activity. Chefs painstakingly create one canapé after another, in preparation for the wedding of Britain's Prince William to Kate Middleton.

It's only a test run, but royal chef Mark Flanagan says the staff are feeling the pressure.

[Mark Flanagan, Royal Chef]:

"It will be about double-checking, triple-checking and checking it again and making sure that we've got everything in the right places and just really, nothing's been forgotten or left to chance."

Twenty-one chefs look after the five palaces occupied by the royal family, preparing more than 500 meals every day.

And then there's the royal functions which cater to tens of thousands of people, according to Edward Griffiths, the deputy master of the Royal Household.

[Edward Griffiths, Deputy Master of the Royal Household]:

"Here at Buckingham Palace, including garden parties, we'll cover about 50,000 people a year. Thirty-three and a half thousand of those are in garden parties, and certainly the sort of 15,000 balance is through a mixture of receptions, dinners, lunches and events that may be for two or four people to perhaps a buffet for a diplomatic reception perhaps for a thousand people."

Aside from all the food and fine wine, guests at the royal wedding will also be surrounded by fine art.

Assistant curator Jennifer Scott:

[Jennifer Scott, Assistant Curator of Paintings]:

"Queen Victoria was the first monarch who lived in Buckingham Place, and she used it regularly for parties, for balls. And so if you were to come to one of those balls in the 19th Century, you'd be enjoying a great social occasion, but also you'd be in this setting. And so really, it's perfect for that, when you get an idea of the special quality of this place, it's magical, it really oozes history."

A historical venue for a historical moment when the future King of England marries his bride on April 29th.