Designers Bloom for Kyiv Fashion Week

Elena Ivanova is getting ready to present her collection at the Ukrainian Fashion Week.

She is putting the finishing touches to her dresses just before the show.

[Elena Ivanova, Designer]:

“Changes are being made right up until the last moment, because I can always see some small detail that needs improving.”

A cord acts both as a belt and a unique way of contrasting with the silk dress.

A team of 10 people is helping to create Elena’s vision.

[Elena Ivanova, Designer]:

"I'm not leaving before 11 p.m., because during the day we are working with the girls, and in the evening I am alone, and the inspiration comes to me, knocks at the door, looks me in the eye, I let it come in and work with it."

On the last day of Fashion Week the collection of Elena Ivanova is on the podium.

[Elena Ivanova, Designer]:

"I have some bright things - it is the future trend, and it will move to a future winter 2011-2012. I have flying, bell bottom silhouettes, which are also trends. I have hand-knitted scarves - it's all trendy things."

Bright colors and loose fitting are the “in” look this summer.

[Olena Dats, Designer]:

"Light coral, fuchsia and transitions of these colors into one another. A bit of the high waistline and bell bottoms are back into fashion."

Models Dasha and Zoriana have deeply felt the new trends.

They have been enjoying the creations of the Ukrainian designers all week along.

They affirm this summer a natural and romantic style will be in fashion.

[Zoriana Kohanchuk, Model]:

"First of all - it's a wave in the hair. Some bunches – like this. Lightness, airiness, perhaps some openwork. Light vintage, leather."

But there is also another layer of meaning to some of the imagery.

[Olesya Telizhenko, Designer]:

"Some of the symbols are borrowed from olden times. In addition, they are not just beautiful, they have a deeper function. That is, they protect, inspire, give strength."

In the showroom one can buy accessories in the Eton-romantic style.

[Valentina Komar, Representative Of Designer Ekaterina Pshechenko]:

"Every ball, every detail, it is all done by hand. These earrings are always eye-catching."

As well as the romantic feminine look there is a trend for strong and elegant males.

Designers offer him a classic suit, shirt and big scarf for next season.

[Anna Varavva, NTD Correspondent]:

"A collection of Valdi by Lipakov reveals an image for today’s modern man. He loves traveling. He sets high goals and achieves them. But the main purpose of his life are his children."

Maestro Mikhail Voronin, shares his experiences on how to always remain fashionable.

[Mikhail Voronin, Designer]:

"I usually advise this: do not hold on to fashion. And look for what suits you. If you feel that the clothes decorate you - then feel safe and confident in wearing them.”

NTD News, Kiev, Ukraine