American Bass Singer and Pianist Enjoy Shen Yun in Taiwan

Americans Kevin Maynor, a bass singer, and Eric Olsen, a pianist, saw Shen Yun in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

[Kevin Maynor, Bass Singer]:
“I was very intrigued by the wonderful choreography. And I was intrigued by the wonderful flips and tumbles, this type of thing. And it was very nice to see also the projections that were used, the multimedia facets. That was very interesting as well. So I enjoyed it, very much.”

He enjoyed Shen Yun’s singers.

[Kevin Maynor, Bass Singer]:
“The singers were wonderful. Yes expressive. Committed to their singing, that’s what’s important.”

Mr. Olsen liked the entire show.

[Eric Olsen, Pianist]:
“I loved the show. It’s just wonderful to see such wonderful performers, the way that they move on the stage, it’s very exciting. The music was wonderful. You got to hear a lot of indigenous Chinese instruments. Really just a marvelous show, it’s just really very thrilling.”

Shen Yun’s dancers left an impression on him.

[Eric Olsen, Pianist]:
“I really liked, I think it was the plum dance where the women had the fans, they moved them in a very beautiful, graceful, manner. And I also liked the leaping that the men did in many of the performances. They were like springs, just coiled energy, and they would just explode out. It was really exciting.”

NTD News, Taiwan