"An Uplifting Couple of Hours" - Riverdance Producer John McColgan Sees Shen Yun in Dublin, Ireland

John McColgan, best known for his role as director of Riverdance, saw Shen Yun Performing Arts' final show at The Convention Centre in Dublin on Sunday.

[John McColgan, Riverdance Director]:

“I found the show very entertaining, very spectacular. I think it is the first time I have seen a major Chinese show, which reflects Chinese culture, 5000 years, it was very interesting for me.”

Mr. McColgan is also a founding director of a television production company, chairman of a radio station, and chair of the global website project Gateway Ireland.

[John McColgan, Riverdance Director]:

“And I thought the standard of the performers was terrific. The wonderful dancers and very skilled dancers, wonderful soprano, wonderful tenor. All in all it was a very entertaining an uplifting couple of hours.”

Filmmaker Dearbhla Glynn was also at the show.

[Dearbhla Glynn, Filmmaker]:

“I thought it was so beautiful. The technique, I mean the dancing is superb and I’d never seen traditional Chinese dancing before. I’ve seen it on television but never seen it in a live performance. So I just think the precision and the technique is incredible. And I really enjoyed the orchestra as well. The live music.”

[Avril Stanley, Music Festival Organizer]:

“But in a way it definitely brings that magical quality of celestial beings coming from the heavens and descending on to the earth. And that in itself, again is a little reminder of how powerful we are, where we come from and our capacity to really work between the heavens and the earth while we are on this planet so in a way it gives you that, it gives you a very visual representation of that.”

NTD News, Dublin, Ireland