New Zealand Air Force Releases UFO Files

The New Zealand Air Force has released thousands of files on UFO sightings from the past decades.

One reported sighting was in Kaikoura coast in 1978, filmed by a camera crew.

[Lloyd Mcfadden, Former TVNZ Cameraman]:
"It sort of hovered along the tree line but then darted sharply up and to the left."

At that time, New Zealand authorities concluded that the sighting could be an unusually bright vision of Venus, or the transmission of radio and light waves.

After much lobbying by UFO researchers, the government finally released the files, under freedom of information laws.

[Suzanne Hansen, UFO Believer]:
"There is something going on that the public needs to look into a bit more deeply and we need to try and understand."

[Unidentified man]:
"Well I've not seen no aliens around lately."

[Unidentified man]:
"I'm a believer that there's life out there."

[Unidentified woman]:
"There's no such thing as UFOs."

The files cover reported sightings of flying saucers and other alleged alien encounters in the last 55 years.