Flowers Delight Visitors at Taipei International Flora Expo

The Taipei International Flora Expo kicked off on Saturday.

Eager visitors from all over the country waited in line beginning in the early morning for the Expo to open its doors.

Many visitors came to see the various landscaping concepts from different countries, while others hoped to find ideas for their own gardens.

[Huang Cheng-yung, Expo Visitor]:
"I want to look at the plants and the landscaping, for research, and also take some photos for research."

[Chen Mei-jung, Expo Visitor]:
"This is a rare opportunity. I have visited the Flora Expo in Japan and Kunming before, so I am very curious how this Expo compares."

Taipei is the 7th Asian city to host the event, which features floral exhibits from more than 30 countries.

More than 12,000 visitors entered the expo within 3 hours of its opening.

It cost more than US $395-million and its 14 exhibition halls and fields of flowers and plants spread over 227 acres, showcasing more than 30 million flowers and the latest green technology.

The Taipei City government is expecting eight million visitors until the Expo wraps up at the end of April.